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    Welcome to Tiny Tails Puppies! The perfect place to find your new bestfriend, We believe in raising Healthy,Happy & well socialized puppies for you and your family! Small dogs are great for so many reason, they are the perfect companions, great family pets, and fill our hearts full of joy! Our puppies are known for theyre amazing personality and social skills, many of them have went for therapy dogs, and have made a remarkable change in peoples everyday lives…

    We have provided and follow a strict socialization and behavior plan for our puppies, treating them with the correct amount of Diet,Execise and Socialization. Just like children the puppies are easily taught at an young age, And that is why we do our best to set them off on the right path by, teaching them where to potty, how to be gentle, how to behave around small children & other pets. Instilling this into them at a young age is very important to us, as they will reflect from it the rest of they’re lives.

    Please feel free to read our “About Page” for an description  on us, and how we found our passion for raising  our puppies. “What We Provide” Is Information on what is included in your purchasing of one of our puppies. Our “Available puppies” page is full of cute little bundles of joy awaiting they’re new homes, so be sure to check it out! Want to see “Recent Customers” Opinions? We have plenty and receive more everyday! Curious to see what one of our puppies will look at adult age? Great! Check into our “Sold Puppies’ page for an complete breed description and photo’s!  Don’t Want to pay outrageous prices for everyday pet supplies? We have some in store for you and your new best friend. Can’t find us? Check out our location, or feel free to call us anytime! We have created a page just for the first time pet owners, it includes the “Future Care” for you and your new puppy!

    Thanks for reading, We hope you enjoy our site!