Future Pet Care!


We want you and your pet to be as happy & healthy as the day you receive him/her! We recommend you keep your puppy current on they’re Vaccines and De-Wormings by your local and preferred veterinarian.

Don’t know where to start?

Call your Veterinarian and Inform her/him on what Vaccines & Wormings your puppy has already had, Your veterinarian will be able to tell you when she recommend for your puppy to receive his/hers next Vaccines or De-Wormings.                                       Yes it’s really that easy!

We recommend Baths, Nails, and Groomings done as needed.

Baths are an important part of keeping you and your puppy healthy, as cleanliness is one of our priorities here, we hope for you to continue it!

Nails need to be trimmed by your local veterinarian as needed, Over-Grown nails are very painful to your pet and need to be kept trimmed!

Grooming’s need to be done to keep the hair from matting and tangling, matted hair is very uncomfortable for you pets.


We use Pro-Pac Puppy Performance Food, for our puppies.  this provides them with the appropriate protein and fats, they need! PRO PAC ® Performance Puppy is designed for puppies from weaning until 12 months of age. It is also excellent for pregnant or nursing dogs.

A growing puppy needs twice the nutrients that an adult dog needs. PRO PAC ® Performance Puppy is made from quality ingredients such as chicken meal and chicken fat. It assures that your active puppy will receive proper nutrition for growth and development:

  • Extra calories for energy and growth
  • More protein, to help form muscles, organs and strong bones
  • DHA for brain and eye development

PRO PAC ® Performance Puppy is naturally preserved and contains no by-products. It is 100% guaranteed.

Bag sizes:

  • 4 pounds
  • 6 pounds
  • 16.5 pounds
  • 33 pounds
  • 44 pounds

It can be found at : http://us.propacpetfood.com/dogs/performance-puppy.php

What to watch for ?

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) can occur when an puppy is Stressed, Scared, exhausted or Under pressure. If your believe your puppy is having signs of Hypoglycemia please contact your local veterinarian shortly. Please give your pet Sugar (Nutri-cal,Cornsyrup,or sugar water) Immediately. Rub this on they’re gums, and proceed to the vet. This Occurs in Puppies mostly under 12 Weeks.


  • Loss of appetite (anorexia)
  • Increased hunger
  • Visual instability, such as blurred vision
  • Disorientation and confusion – may show an apparent inability to complete basic routine tasks
  • Weakness, low energy, loss of consciousness
  • Seizures (rare)
  • Anxiety, restlessness
  • Tremor/shivering
  • Heart palpitations

Note: This is not to Scare you, But for you to be aware of what to do.!

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