What We Provide?



At Tiny Tails Puppies we believe in providing you with the healthiest, happiest, and well socialized puppies you and your family desire.

How do we ensure they’re health?

We ensure our puppies health by keeping them current on they’re vaccines & worming’s recommend by our local veterinarian.

Cleanliness is a large part of an puppies health, our facility is kept very clean with the appropriate sanitizer’s and detergents.

Baths are very important to us, and given weekly.  Nails are kept tripped and grooming is done as needed.

Diet, Exercise, and socialization.

Our puppies are on a strict socialization plan, along with plenty of exercise and appropriate food for they’re ages and sizes.

An important part of socialization with our puppies, are spending quality time with them, whether its running in the yard or playing fetch, it’s hands

on socializing. Our Puppies are walked daily and have plenty of interaction with small children.

we do believe it to have a large affect on they’re personalities.

                                      About our puppies.

  • Most of our puppies are hypo-allergenic and will not shed.
  • Our puppies will be kept with they’re mothers until the appropriate age of departure, to ensure they’re developmental skills.
  • Will be up to date on all vaccines and worming’s. ( Records Included)
  • Come with a valid CVI (Certificate of Veterinarians Inspection) from our local veterinarian.
  • Will be well socialized and handled daily.
  • Will be raised in a clean environment.
  • Started on potty training at 6 weeks of age.
  • Your puppy will come with an “Doggy Bags” Included inside is : Potty training puppy pads, Toys, First outfit, and a sample of they’re current puppy food.

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Bethany Winchel can be contacted at 1-608-343-5175



Thanks for reading we hope to hear from you soon!                               “-It’s not a home without fur-kids”